Heat treatments feed

The heat treatment of animal feed in the form of mixtures of mealy or granular materials allows formulas to have excellent nutritional qualities without the limitation of traditional granulation.

The product is subjected to cooking by direct steam injection at atmospheric pressure and indirect heating via the double covering of the equipment.

The temperatures used are from 60º C to 100º C and treatment periods vary from 30 seconds to 6 minutes.

Proper heat treatment is followed by a drying operation (-14%) and the cooling to room temperature. The product can then be stored or distributed. In addition, the treatment allows the simultaneous injection of liquid additives (molasses), fats, etc…

The advantage is the better digestibility and the better use of products obtained in this process because the cooking of the raw materials leads the gelatinization of starch.

Another important advantage is being able to remove the pathogens. The heat treatment under certain conditions of temperature, time and moisture, allows the elimination of salmonella in food and particulary birds. Moreover, the improving of the flow reduces the possibility of bacterial growth by preventing the retention and accumulation of the product.